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Instagram is a great place to stalk our favorite celebrities and vicariously live through their lavish lives.

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2 Godišnjak zaštite spomenika kulture Hrvatske / Godišnjak zaštite spomenika kulture Hrvatske / The Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Croatia Annual, / Izdavač: Ministarstvo kulture Uprava za zaštitu kulturne baštine Publisher: Ministry of Culture Directorate for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage Za izdavača/for the Publisher: Berislav Šipuš Uredništvo/Editorial Board: Vanja Kovačić Biserka Dumbović Bilušić Zrinka Paladino Martina Juranović Tonejc Ivan Alduk Glavna i odgovorna urednica/editor-in-chief: Sanja Šaban Tajnica i izvršna urednica/managing editor: Gordana Jerabek Lektura i korektura/proofreading and Revision: Silvija Brkić Midžić Prijevod na engleski/english Translation: Aida Njunjić Petar Puhmajer (81 99) Grafičko oblikovanje/graphic design Ivo Mađor, Kofein d.o.o., Zagreb Adresa uredništva/editorial address Ministarstvo kulture Uprava za zaštitu kulturne baštine HR Zagreb, Ulica Josipa Runjanina 2 Tisak/Printed by: Printera grupa d.o.o. Godišnjak zaštite spomenika kulture Hrvatske / Sadržaj Table of contents 7 Ines Vanjak, Marko Špikić Principi restauriranja Augustova hrama u Puli i godine Principles of Restoration of the Temple of Augustus in Pula in 1946 and Anuška Deranja Crnokić Nastanak Registra kulturnih dobara povijest i sadašnjost inventariziranja kulturne baštine u Hrvatskoj Creation of the Cultural Property Registry the History and Present of Inventorying Cultural Heritage in Croatia 39 Martina Juranović Tonejc, Katarina Radatović Cvitanović Prolegomena o kategorizaciji spomenika kulture Prolegomena on the Categorisation of Monuments of Culture 49 Tea Sušanj Protić Gotičke kapele s kvadratičnom apsidom na otoku Cresu Gothic Chapels with Square Apses on the Island of Cres 65 Silvija Banić Damast s podvodnog lokaliteta Gnalić i srodni primjerci sačuvani u Hrvatskoj Damask from the Gnalić Shipwreck Site and Similar Examples Preserved in Croatia 81 Petar Puhmajer Izgradnja i preobrazbe kompleksa pavlinskog samostana i crkve sv.

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Guests will be treated to intimate home tours of the Harpel Residence and a special auction featuring rare Lautner memorabilia and other items.

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Some actors who are best known for one particular character bristle at the sound of their signature phrases or nicknames, but Guarriello, who is a martial artist, personal trainer and actor, humbly embraces his supporters. I was 19 and had just won the New York State Kick Boxing Championship and I knew there was no money in that at the time, so I was thinking of going to school to get a degree in physical therapy." Born in Los Angeles to an African-American mother (a soul food chef) and an Italian father (singer/salesman), Guarriello moved to his parents' native New York when he was just 2 years old. The practice of the martial arts has been a passion of Guarriello's since he was in single digits.

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Philo Judaeus was a Jew in Alexandria who wrote philosophy and theology and who was a contemporary of Jesus, and who also mentions events in Judea and makes reference to other figures we know from the gospel accounts, such as Pontius Pilate.

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Otherwise something is preventing the Internet to connect on the HTTP or HTTPS port. For example, if the public HTTP port is 58050 and the LAN IP Address displayed is When a proxy Media Server is created, a new Media Server with the same name will appear on your LAN with "[proxy]" appended to the name.

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Duties will include, but not limited to, the following: * Survey, analyze, evaluate and provide technical advice/trouble resolution pertaining to the performance and functionality of the installed system * Maintain configuration management.

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Possuía uma versão gratuita e uma interface simples que era acessível à maioria dos navegadores de internet.

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Under the association's rules, the 22-year-old had to have 'gender verification to determine sexual status' after having her male genitalia removed three years ago.