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She had to force him to brush his teeth and said she could never 69 with him because he was so lax about wiping his ass. I was newly out and it was only my 3rd or 4th time in a gay bar.I liked Shane the best of the brothers, but I was so shy and new to the scene that I don't think I even said anything when he spoke to me. I also remember they had a really funny queen named Sofonda Peters in the show lineup that night. Other than that awkward moment, though, he couldn't have been nicer. I will say though, I don't remember Shane smelling bad. They were all born in Germany in rapid succession of American missionary parents, apparently.What's most fun about the thread is that David Ehrenstein kept melting down on it. Shane is in aircraft maintenance in another state and Hal has a construction business in Colorado. Still hard to imagine after all these years that three straight brothers would agree on doing gay porn together.^ Well, he was pretty enough!he would always get SO angry if people would repeat certain kinds of gossip he deemed incorrect (such as that Keanu reeves was partnered with David Geffen... Given the two real first names and the fact they were from Denver I was able to find their father's obituary from last year. Saw Shane strip one weekend at Amnesia, a club in Memphis, in 1997.Shane, on the left, made the fewest movies and was the least attractive.A female friend I know briefly dated Shane when he lived in Vegas.My best friend tried to touch Shane's wiener when he decided to go off-script and take off his G-string. Yep, I remember it was always a big deal when a stripper would get fully nude--it was a legal no-no in Memphis but would sometimes happen. The dad was older for the time - around 40 when the first son was born. They all seem intelligent and well-adjusted and successful in their careers.

Some think Wolfgang just did it to show who had the biggest dick in the family.It must be weird when the brothers get together now for their parents' funerals, knowing that they all fucked Derek Cameron together, with each brother holding his ass for another. I remember reading somewhere back in the 90s that Hal and Vince were brothers but Shane was actually their cousin. I was always fascinated by them when I was at peak porn interest (18-24) I always figured they weren't really brothers. At one point, Hal is sort of "forced" to put a guy's dick in his mouth at a bar.The father's obituary referenced above, though, would indicate that all three are in fact brothers. The first porn I remember downloading on AOL was the photo shoot from which the OP's pic originated. There was something erotic about it because in the rest of the movie he is a total "I only fuck" type.Chi Chi filmed it and threatened to show his family if he didn't do a scene.He did and Chi Chi admitted he cried all night long after it.

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