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And a public that wants good music is always going to be there.We know that some people are quite cynical about the industry but from what we’ve found there are great platforms out there.The album reached number 26 on the UK Albums Chart, number 16 on the Canadian Albums Chart Since their debut album release, Oh Wonder toured internationally in countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Canada and United States.

Last year, as she caught a train home from Heathrow, she sat next to a passenger "covered in blood [with] no teeth, looking sorry for himself". Their work has been remixed by notable DJs such as Louis the Child. It's weird people say it sounds like one voice—which I think it does.

And I've got this really funny voice note, which is like, ' I'm getting high on humans!

Anthony recalls a gig in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a year-old woman approached the band to express her gratitude for the band's music.

Josephine: We have been releasing a song a month and that will culminate in the release of our debut album in September.

It will comprise of the 12 songs we have written over that year and some news ones as well. On Soundcloud you can see your top cities and where you’re popular so we’re going to try and fit all those places in!

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