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He was seven and forty years and four months old, and had also three Sons, of which the eldest was called Mahhmud Carlem, the second Forch Sjeer and the third Hamam Bax.^ the eldest being a Prince of about thirty, the next of five and twenty and the i Cabaya, " the surcoat or long tunic of muslin, whicli is one of the mcst common native garments of the better classes in India" (Hoteon-Jobson). The length of Shah 'Alam's reign is cor- rectly stated, so that 1653 is evidently a misprint. ■'Muhamniad Kasim, Farrukhsiyar, and Humayun Bakht, o-) )-ounj^cst a Unit cij^Mit years old. He left four sons, to wit, Moeseeddien (usually for conveni- ence called Moseddien) or also Djehaan Daar Sjah, who was then fifty years and eight months, and himself had three sons, of whom liic eldest, ca'led Assoddien," was already a Prince of thirty years, but. The Emperor's second Son, or the next to Prince Mosoddien, was Mahhmud Azem, who was also sometimes called Azem Ussan Bhadur. Sjah Aalem Bhadur died thus, after having reigned five years minus eight days, on the 28th February A. He also provided himself with two hundred Natives to be in the better state of resistance. and returned an answer i:i very polite terms, saying. Company great expense and that too, without the least Guarantee for their affairs, even if he, as being the most wished for, should itjiiain upon the throne. Ketelaar, this was added to them that on March 3rd the eldest Prince sent a Firman or command in writing, ordering him with all his people i Rafi-ush-shan. The Lord Ambassador took council on the matter with his Deputits. In the meantime Souilficaar Chan pressed Mahhmud Azam so nearly by a small manoeuvre, posting himself in four separate divisions and causing great scarcity of provi&ions, in his camp, tliat the armies were thereby forced to approach each other, and from twelve hundred pieces continuous'.y cannonaded one another.

notwithstanding that the Emir ul Armerau, Suilficaan Chaji. with nine laks of gold rupees and with all his Jewels, a generous example whicii almost al! 1653.- It was said that one of his Field Commanders, whom he dis- covered with one of his concul)ines, Jensiati (Jamshid? 1712, being sixty-eight years of age and four months, seeing that he was born in the month of November A. Each of these Princes tried, hy a wide distrihution of money, to win the nohles and th.e people to his side; hut Mahhmud Azem outshone them all in great treasure, gold coins and strength of jicople. The last son of the l-'inperor was Djeiiaan Sjah,- a rrinee of seven and thirty years and six months, and who had two very young sons livins,'.

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