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I’m going to show you step-by-step how easy it is to make new covers for those faded, time-worn, covered in bird poop and who knows what else, outdoor cushions!

(Plus I spray painted the actual chair, again…good for another year! It came with several pieces and the price was right.

High functioning sociopaths learn that not only can they manipulate others, they can also manipulate themselves.

I’ll just make new ones again when these have had it. My assistant is texting his friends while on the job again. I stuck with the same color scheme as last year because it matches my awesome recycled plastic (what?!

Maybe some day I’ll get a new set, but when it still looks this good, why bother? First, you need to select your fabric: I prefer to use stripes or something with a geometric pattern to make cutting a straight line easier.

The before was really just so sad…downright embarassing: And the deck…gross! I also like to use colors that are naturally found in nature for a more cohesive look.

I was barely able to cut enough for two cushions side-by-side.

Your sides only need to be long enough to meet each other in the middle with a 1/4″ seam allowance for both top and bottom. Next, with right sides together (back of fabric facing out), I pinned the side seam on both sides: Then, also starting at the folded edge, I sewed straight from folded edge to the open edge on both sides: I’m not sure why I bothered pinning it all the way.

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