Dating someone in a wheelchair

"Nobody had any idea how to get someone disabled out of the shop and we were just left there for 15 minutes." Mrs Thain said staff remained with the pair whilst everyone else evacuated and joked how at least the duo 'would be first in line' when shoppers were allowed back in.

She added: "It was just lucky it wasn't a real emergency.

She said: "We looked around and the staff had already gone.

"They'd just bundled out the door, while customers were opening fire exits to get out.

"All Primark employees receive comprehensive fire safety training and regular fire drills are conducted in stores.

"There were plenty of staff around and they have had a lot of training.

"We had quite a few compliments from the public about how this was handled." Primark spokeswoman Elizabeth Kittle said: "We can confirm the Primark store was quickly evacuated in an orderly fashion and in line with standard safety procedures, which comply with fire safety legislation.

"If there was a real fire we would've just sat there not knowing what to do. "They obviously hadn't practised this sort of thing and there were also mums with push chairs struggling to carry children down the escalators.

"Staff were just wandering around looking at each other as the alarms were going off, some panicking themselves." Other shoppers also spoke out about the confusion, including Lauren Tappin, 22, who has complained to the store.

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