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Aloe guesthouse is situated against the Magaliesburg overlooking the sub-tropical suburbs of northern Pretoria as far as Montana park to Pretoria North.Aloe Guesthouse has a unique feel, with a magnificent rock swimm ...449 Edelweis Street, Magalieskruin Set in the lush tranquil eastern suburbs of Pretoria, Aluane Town Lodge is your home away from home.

Instead, make the plans that best fit your budget and your venue, and prioritize the people you really want to have there!Most guests will be happy to dress the part in order to be there for your big moment.Of course, renting a tux and finding a gown can be pricey.Adagio is also conveniently close to Loftus Rugby & ...956 Crots steet, Rietfontein Adam’s Eden offers a perfect and secure stay to the business traveller or holidaymaker from around the globe.It is located just off the N4 highway and within close proximity of a variety of amenities - modern shopping centres, the Willows Hospital, SAMCO ...76 Elaine Street, Willow Park Accommodation with an eagles view!

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