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There are a few simple changes to the way they are worded and presented to greatly aid a new Scout in completing them.Changing the requirements presents an opportunity to correct a couple of flaws in the way they are presented graphically, and to word them all more logically. If we list the tasks involved separately we can record that Scouts have successfully demonstrated how they are tied and used one at a time.I’ve left numeric and letter designations off the requirements below, I know they are probably needed, but I never liked them, they look tiresome.Many of the skills and much of the knowledge required for Scout rank will have been gained during a Webelos Scouting Adventure.Honestly many of these changes seem tone-deaf, like very little thought has gone into them.Without being too snarky I have to wonder if the folks who write things like this have actually ever worked with an ten or eleven year old completing requirements.And there are some groups that call themselves Scouts, but are very different from traditional Scouting.Many (but not all) such organizations consider themselves to be an alternative to Scouting.

arranged under subject headings, (that’s a step forward) but then the headings change from one rank to the other, (that’s a step back.) The wording of the new requirements follow the old syntax and style, one I find needlessly convoluted and difficult to understand. Some of the requirements are embedded lists in sentences that become much clearer when they are stated separately. Why ask Scouts to explain something when they can show how it is done?The first sentence seems to contradict the second, and this will likely cause some confusion.How about “Many of the skills and much of the knowledge required for Scout rank will have been gained during a Webelos Scouting Adventure.Explain how you can show Scout spirit by following the Scout Oath.The Scout Law Repeat the Scout Law from memory Explain what the Scout Law means in your own words.

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Demonstrate tying the square knot (a joining knot).

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