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After returning from his concentration camp, Professor writes a memoir that in sarcastic colors paints the Stutthof “Babel” of death.This work does not, however, meet the expectations of the Soviet authorities. Fantasy and reality dance a wicked tango in this quirky comedy about the mis-adventures of Mill and Norm, two talented radio actors living in Estonia.Believing in the decency of mankind, they don't really pay heed to the Nazi threat.Little by little, as their daily life becomes more intolerable and their personal effects stripped away, they realize the true horror of what is coming, but it is too late. A gangster story from the periphery of Smíchov, an epic about the missing fifth element, a romance about blood and making choices. The film tells the story of Maruska Kuderikova, a courageous young Moravian girl who was part of the Czech resistance during World War II. This handsome documentary commemorates the 100th birthday of Czeslaw Milosz, the Nobel Prize-winning Polish-Lithuanian poet who spanned his century.Surviving Nazi rule, he went on to serve as a cultural attache of Poland in Paris. to teach at the University of California, Berkeley.

A political scientist from Vilnius is apparently the only one who’s had no trouble making the transition from being a part of the Soviet elite to being a part of the elite of an independent Lithuania. After returning to Lithuania he continues to fight against the Soviet occupation, but is killed by the KGB at the age of 30.119 min. Sybilla's rebellion through drugs is a metaphor for the struggle between individuality and totalitarianism.97 min., Croatian with English subtitles. At a point between the 19th and 20th centuries, Slava Raškaj is a deaf woman who sets off to study painting in Zagreb, while Bela Cikoš is a skilled artist living a bohemian life according to the unwritten rules of the time.Knowing their inevitable fate, the Silberstein's have to make their toughest decision ever—do they turn their young son David, over to Nicholas Winton and risk never seeing him again? Every character’s path is precariously balanced on the thin line between reality and hallucination, hope and despair, and love is only another word for struggle.87 min. Maruska was arrested by the Nazis for her resistance work, an experience she chronicled in her makeshift diary.Director Jaromil Jires transformed her letters and diary into an uplifting tale of sacrifice for the sake of a better life and future.One day, she comes knocking on his door…97 min., Croatian with English subtitles. Set in the dark, eerie streets of medieval Split, Croatia, during the two hours before midnight on New Year's Eve, this stylish film noir spins several tales of desire, treachery, and murder.While crowds gather in the ancient city square for a rock concert, the stories of a young couple plotting a rendezvous, an addict desperate for a fix, a widow and her grieving child, and three drunken American sailors (one played by American rap musician Coolio) become fatally intertwined.77 mins., Croatian with English subtitles. Iva and Marija, who are a lesbian couple, rent an apartment in Zagreb in a building that seems to be quiet and a safe environment for their love.

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