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Really, your man’s member is really, really sensitive. When you’re on top of him, a lot of your weight rests around his member.

Move around in new motions or adjust your position now and then.

He’ll enjoy the attention because he really doesn’t have to do much here.

Blow him or kiss him all around his member and turn him on. Take your time before sitting on him or he may end up losing his erection.

[Read: Top 10 male sexual fantasies] When you’re on top, you’re the one controlling the sex, so don’t get carried away.

You need to make your man feel like he’s playing a part too, and that’s the only way to enjoy great sex when you’re sitting over him.

In the movies, watching a girl riding her boyfriend looks sexy, especially when she flicks her hair from one side to another with her hands. When you’re sweating in bed, your hair will stick to your face and annoy you.

It’ll definitely arouse him a lot more just watching you enjoy yourself. All guys love watching a girl play with her breasts.Every time you bend towards him to kiss him, he’ll have to deal with your big mane of hair that strikes his face and tickles him.Avoid all of that, just tie your hair and focus on the sex instead. It may seem exciting to bounce off him really fast, but you’ll get tired really fast. Think about it, great sex is all about the rhythm and the motion.Perhaps, you’re moving too aggressively and giving him a burn on his inner thighs.Or if he suddenly grabs you, stop moving your pelvis for a second to find out if he’s unable to hold on anymore.

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