Unspoken rules of dating

With a population of more than eight million, competition is fierce, the pace of life is rapid and romance is rarely a priority.Here are the 10 unwritten rules that govern dating culture in the capital most expensive city to live in.Are you the annoying person who NEVER has cash when you go out?You know, the person who can't contribute to the taxi fare, or has to wait forever at the bar to get a round of drinks?Tickets sell out and tables get reserved faster than you might think.

When your date does arrive, don’t be surprised if they appear bedraggled and a little wild-eyed.

Time is a precious commodity in London, so expect to be judged quickly and decisively by the person sitting opposite you.

Whether you’re going to a gig, play, restaurant or ­­the cinema, make sure you book in advance.

Some feign sleep, some pretend to be crazy, and some adopt the fighting stance.

Whatever you do, it’s probably best if your date doesn’t see it.

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