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********************************************************************** Tablespaces: [make adjustments in the current environment] ********************************************************************** -- TEMP tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. ********************************************************************** Miscellaneous Warnings ********************************************************************** WARNING: -- Database is using an old timezone file version. Patch the database to timezone file version 4 .... WARNING: -- Database contains stale optimizer statistics. Refer to the 11g Upgrade Guide for instructions to update .... Before I go for Oracle database, I would like to know whether migrating the database(all objects and data as well) from SQL Server 7.0 to Oracle 8i is possible or not? Like in SQL Server 7.0 I can say create table temp(uid binary(8)).Direct upgrades to 11g are possible from existing databases with versions , or .Upgrades from other versions are supported only via intermediate upgrades to a supported upgrade version.

The article provides the minumum information needed when preparing for the 11g Database Administation OCP upgrade exam, including: The whole migration process is beyond the scope of this article so please refer to the Upgrading to the New Release document for further information.I know this causes $$ to do this untill emerges one day with some key.You need to look at the tools that come with sqlserver.Pls suggest me which is the right way and tool (Import/Export, Sql *Loader, Workbench)to achieve this task using ODBC specifications.How can i minimise the in-compatibilities that will arise due to Datatype mismatch.

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